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Breaking data barriers together

Data Engineering

Your data should make you more money than it costs

Business intelligence, data analysis and financial forecasts need a good foundation to stand on. A foundation that can grow with your company, make sense to engineers and be as efficient as possible.

AI Chatbot

Have a conversation with your data

A ChatGPT App but enhanced with your company’s own data. “What are my employee overheads this year?” is now a trivially answered question. Segment, aggregate and explore your data using natural language.

Analytics Engineer

Answers you need, when you need them

A dedicated data analyst or machine learning engineer that can bridge the gap between your data and your decisions. The compass builder for your company's data-driven decisions.
Includes a FREE AI Chatbot.

Bespoke Software Development

We don't build whats expensive, we build what's appropriate

We have delivered 10+ custom software systems into production, with satisfied and
smiling customers after each engagement.

Tech stack

The tried and trusted tech we use

Your data's true potential

Unlock more potential  and profit from your data.

We have testimonials and take pride in our work - let's build another success story together.