Analytics Engineer

Unlock your data's full potential

A dedicated data analyst or machine learning engineer that builds the compass between your data and your decisions. What's more, our Analytics Engineers empower you to answer your own questions.
What is an Analytics Engineer?
Why you need this
Executive meetings need better data-driven decision making
Your business relies on PNL forecasts or other financial forecasts
You need an on-hand data expert to manage and bridge gaps between data solutions

How we solve it


Data Performance Optimisation

If loading reports and insights are a bit slow or frustrating, this one is for you. Our Analytics Engineers can work from the database ground up all the way to Business Intelligence tooling to ensure that all your reports load under 9 seconds. Not only that, but improving this from the ground up can save cloud and computing costs and hours of frustration. Truly, saving time and money.


Machine Learning & Data Science

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning can help you to build dynamic decision making on top of your data. With the Semantic Layer, Large Language Model (ChatGPT) and Machine Learning combo, now is one of the best times ever to train and build out machine learning decision making. If your business depends on PNL forecasts, IFRS9 or other financials forecasts, this is the solution for you.



Dedicated to providing the answers you need, when you need them. A full-stack Analytics Engineer like ours, can help you prepare data-drive decisions for executive meetings and attend executive meetings when questions come up that are unprepared. To launch the right data products, you need to pin down the bottom line

Your data's true potential

Unlock more potential  and profit from your data.

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