Data Engineering

Build the right foundations

Business intelligence, data analysis and financial forecasts need a good foundation to stand on. A foundation that can grow with your company, make sense to engineers and be as efficient as possible. Your data should always make you more money than it costs.
Why you need this
Reports are slow or sluggish
Reports need to be batched because they hurt operational software
Data Analysts or ML Engineers are struggling to bring their their insights into production
Data and report definitions are decentralised over dozens of data sources

How we solve it


Data Lakehouse

What is a Data Lakehouse?

Unlock the full potential of your data with a Data Lakehouse solution. A Data Lakehouse is a unified platform that combines the features of a data lake and a data warehouse, providing scalable storage and advanced analytics capabilities. Designed for medium to enterprise-level companies with a growing dataset, wanting to successfully launch more data products on their data.


Semantic Reporting Layer

What is a Semantic Reporting Layer?

A Semantic Reporting Layer is a layer that aggregates your complex row-level data into a business-friendly format, enabling easier reporting and analysis. Now you can enable your teams to bridge the gap between raw data and actionable insights, using almost any BI tool of their choice.



What is MLOps?

Building the machine learning models and data science models is not the hard part. The hard part is getting these models into production and ensuring they are scalable, maintainable and reliable. MLOps wil streamline your machine learning and insights workflow, to get the time from model development to production down to a science.

Your data's true potential

Unlock more potential  and profit from your data.

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