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Break the barrier between analyst and stakeholder

A ChatGPT App but enhanced with your company’s own data. “What are my employee overheads this year?” is now a trivially answered question. Saving analysts and executives time and money.
Why you need this
Stakeholders have to wait hours or days for answers on data
Your data catalogue of your company’s data is all over the place and not centralised
Stakeholders cannot run code for reports themselves or update insights

How we solve it


Data Catalogue Chatbot

What is a Data Catalogue Chatbot?

Imagine having a knowledgeable data expert available all day every day, ready to answer your queries about your database structures, column definitions, and report details. That’s precisely what the Data Documentation Chatbot offers. How many hours have been spent trying to get your organisation to document your databases and reports? Our guess is days to weeks. A Data Documentation Chat can provide instant, accurate, and context-aware information about your data assets.


RAG Large Language Model

What is a RAG Large Language Model?

Generative AI has grown by leaps and bounds the past decade. However getting these models to first be aware of the complexities in your own business are tedious and long-winded. A RAG LLM is a commercially available (or custom) LLM like ChatGPT, dynamically given context on your business. No more manual context or background input, just start asking questions relevant to your business.


Secured Large Language Model

What is a Secured Large Language Model?

A large language model (ChatGPT) allows you to interface and ask data about questions in a natural language, much like a personal assistant that knows your data intimately. Sometimes you might be unable to contextualise or augment online LLMs like Google's Gemini or ChatGPT with your data because of legal or auditing restrictions. A Secured LLM is a way to deploy your own custom 7-Billion parameter model that can be augmented or reinforced with your own data, in your own security ringfences.

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