Data Lakehouse
Data warehousing and analytics solution


Turfsport processes 2+ billion bets a year with several large-ticket betting houses and outlets. However, the sheer volume of data started running out from underneath them. No longer could bookkeepers or users query their data in a timely and user-friendly manner.


Data Lakehouse

Utilising the power of cloud computing, we implemented a sub-30min ETL into a data lakehouse for hundreds of millions of rows. A data lakehouse uses advanced technologies that enable you to get answers from billions of rows of data in seconds.

Semantic Reporting Layer

Now that we had a scalable and efficient data lakehouse, customers started asking and querying for more and more data - the current reporting software for clients was not cutting it anymore. We implemented a semantic data layer that enables Turfsport devs and analysts to deliver insights to their customers easier and take computing load off off our data lakehouse. A semantic data layer creates a performant, centralised layer between your data sources and your applications and BI software.