Machine Learning
Asset Management and IFRS9 Loss Provisioning Models


JUMO turns the volatility and complexity of the African market into opportunity, but disbursing millions of dollars into multiple African markets quickly becomes risky, complicated and nearly impossible to track. 


Accounting Forecasts

Using the power of Fourier orders, Symbyte is able to predict disbursements, collections and Profit and Loss for the next 6 months within 95% accuracy despite the volatility of the African market. That means predictable cashflows and a healthier business. 

IFRS9 Expected Credit Loss Model

Utilising a custom Markov chain machine learning model, Symbyte can predict JUMO's expected credit loss within 2% error with NO human intervention. At other companies, provisioning flows have a 5+ person team dedicated to calculating the expected loss. If you have complicated problems, Symbyte helps you throw technology at it, not people.